Join John at the 2019 Mindulness @ Work Summit

John is a speaker at the 2019 Mindfulness @ Work Summit. Get your ticket here!

Experts in Mindfulness in the workplace, HR executives, professors, psychologists, meditation teachers, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, pioneers, and emerging voices, have come together for the 2019 MINDFULNESS@WORK Summit. At this event you will learn how to:

Enhance or launch your program
✔ Launch a program with limited resources, get buy-in with compelling marketing, and grow with tried and true tactics
✔ Expand and deepen your program with advanced meditation practices, compassion training, self-care and positive psychology
✔ Incorporate the latest neuroscience on impulse control, research on state and trait mindfulness, and shadow work psychology 

Transform your workplace culture
✔ Examine the evolution of Mindful Leadership and leadership development training in action 
✔ Learn the science of organizational behavior change, increase resiliency and create a positive, human-centric culture
✔ Create more engagement and connectedness with tested relational and communication practices

Plan for success and effectiveness 
✔ Do no harm, trauma-inform your programs and mitigate growing legal and ethical concerns around religion and secular Mindfulness 
✔ Understand the impacts of Moral Injury and McMindfulness on your programs perception 
✔ Stay informed in the latest critiques about the viability of the Mindfulness Movement and the role of Spirituality 
Find inspiration, support, and community with like-minded individuals
✔ Find inspiration from people just like you who have launched programs from scratch, summited the world's highest peaks and survived toxic work environments with Mindfulness
✔ Connect with others like you internationally and employees within your company through our optional networking opportunities

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