Live a mindful,
more fulfilled,
purpose-driven life. 


Hey there!

I'm John and my intention every day is to live a happier, more fulfilled, purpose-driven life...and to help others do the same as a certified life coach, mindfulness consultant & teacher, and inspirational speaker.


I know, I know. It's the question on everyone's minds. I always find it fascinating that people always jump to "what do you do?" first and "how do you do it?" second.

Personally, I'm all about asking "who are you being?" or "what feeds your soul?" or, "what is your purpose?"

Anyway, how I do it really involves practicing a lot of mindfulness and meditation. This allows me to stay centered and in tune with the truth of who I really am and what I'm here to be and do. I also root my practice in guiding values like love, compassion, and kindness.

I help others by coaching people of all ages, backgrounds, and gender identities. I work with people to help shift their perceptions of their circumstances from lack and fear, to abundance and love. They are then empowered and guided to find more happiness and prosperity.

I'm currently head of mindfulness at BuzzFeed, and also teach workshops on mindfulness and meditation around the world.


Meditate with me!


Only love is real. Everything else is an illusion.


Coaching with me

My personal practice is rooted in the principles of mindfulness and meditation, with emphasis on helping people have a deeper awareness of, and attention to what’s happening in their life. Our thoughts and intentions create the perception of the world we experience, and the power to change it is within ourselves, not anything or anyone outside of ourselves.

My coaching includes clear guidance, results-oriented steps, and assignments that often times require a client to step out of their comfort zone.

Coaching entails “active” participation from both parties and is a truly collaborative process. It's a designed alliance that helps bring out the best in a client and helps them create and live the life they want to live. 

Together, we will find the right approach to help you navigate through your journey to achieve the highest level of awareness and healing possible.


What's Your Job?

  • Well, you really have to be willing, and have a true desire, to learn more about, and heal yourself. I suspect that if you're reading this, there's a strong enough part of you that's ready and wanting to do this!

  • You should have clear objectives in mind...knowing what you would like to improve upon and achieve. Big goals are great, but we want to get specific here so we know what we are focusing on.

  • Most importantly, you've got to put the effort in and do the work. This is a partnership...but the amount of progress you make is entirely up to you. You set the pace by the amount of work you do.


Now...some disclaimers.

I'm not a medical professional. All guidance I provide is intended to help you achieve a more peaceful, happier way of living and is not intended to treat any specific medical condition. I can't prescribe medications of any kind. If you're suffering from a moderate to severe medical condition (chronic depression, neurological disorder, addiction, etc.) then you should be seeking professional, medical care.


"The amount of emotion we feel when we are triggered by something is in direct proportion to the gravity of the miracle behind it. So the more something scares you, the more profound the healing that is possible for you." John Davisi

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